Fajr Fit

FajrFit is a national initiative aiming to promote and facilitate improved physical & spiritual wellbeing by encouraging Khuddam to meet once a week at their local/regional mosque for congregational Fajr prayer, Dars and intensive exercise.  The exercise activities are aimed to be varied and well organised, appealing to Khuddam of all fitness levels and aspirations – but with the overall aim of achieving progression in the fitness & well-being of Khuddam.

In a time where fast food, restaurant dining and computer gaming are becoming increasingly popular, engaging in regular physical activity is becoming increasingly infrequent.  It is widely accepted that early morning is the best time to exercise, train your body and reverse the harmful effects of negative eating & lifestyle habits.  Many Khuddam also complain that hectic schedules and working long hours prevent them from being able to exercise regularly or attend the mosque.  However once committed to the aim of self-reformation both spiritually and physically, most Khuddam should be able to spare an hour or so in the early hours of a Saturday or a Sunday morning as it is only sleep that has to be sacrificed at this time of the week, well worth the benefits we assure you!

It is a commandment of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that for the spiritual progress of the soul, it is important to look after your physical health.  Also, in admonishing the youth for not looking after their health and ‘reaching old age before enjoying our youth,’ Hadhrat Musleh Maod (ra) said, “Therefore, it is the duty of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya to pay special attention to this matter. They should suggest such programmes that involve hard work and that involve physical exercises so that their bodies can gain energy, strength and health.”  ‘Steps to Exercise’ by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmed (ra) Page 31.

We hope that you will join us and participate in your local/regional FajrFit event to help make this new campaign a success Insha’Allah.  We hope and pray that this campaign could not only improve fitness among our youth, but also increase our thirst for congregational Fajr prayer and build an unbreakable brotherhood.

For more information contact your local Qaid or email sehatejismani@khuddam.co.uk

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